Versal Network

Build Your Own Decentralized Global Settlement Network

Versal Network enables payment companies and regulated entities to transact in digital assets on a permissioned network, expand their product offerings, and capture new business opportunities.

Compliance by design means automatically adhering to Travel Rule and other regulations.

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Payments, Reimagined.

Redesigned time-tested payment features such as one-time payments, payouts, refunds, withdrawal, deposits, and much more adapted to blockchain and digital assets technology.


Solves for the lag time of traditional payments. We turn a multi-day transfer into an instant payment, allowing businesses to achieve better control of their payment schedules.


Leveraging the blockchain means your payments are permissionless, programmable, and trustless.

Data Privacy by Design

All transactions adhere to the strictest global data privacy and security requirements.

Interoperability, Solved.

Our cross-chain payments architecture ensures that money moves seamlessly across technology stacks to deliver the best payment experience.

Share KYC Data

Being able to trace the sender and receiver in cross-border transactions is critical to AML.  By default, our infrastructure is Travel Rule compliant, allowing financial institutions to automatically swap PII data when sending and receiving digital assets between each other.