Versal Network

Digital Asset Global Settlement Network

Connect with regulated partners that will accept stablecoins and payout fiat anywhere in the world.

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Local Fiat Payouts

Whether G10 or emerging market, expand your global reach by joining our vetted network of providers.

Settle Instantly 24/7

Send and receive USD on-chain regardless of banking hours and unlock pre-funding capital.


Different chains are popular by region and sector. We support them all with 20+ blockchains and growing.


USDC, USDT, and more CBDCs are coming online. Our system supports the stablecoins required for cross-border transactions.

Find New Partners

Go-to-market fast by cutting down your partner sourcing time with our global network of providers.

Share KYC Data

Built-in CRM and Travel Rule compliance for easy AML checks when transferring assets between institutions