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Unlock Digital Assets with a Single API

Versal = Versatile + Universal. Payments that transcend borders, currencies, and chains.

With our blockchain-native, full-stack payment infrastructure, moving modern money is easy, on-chain, and compliant.

The Versal Web3 payment system allows anyone to transact in digital assets, including stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), cryptocurrencies, and tokenized assets like NFTs.

Our versatile offerings are the foundation to build new Web3 payment products or integrate into existing fiat payment systems to support digital assets.

Versal Payments

Payment processing system for digital assets

The most versatile way to add digital assets as an alternative payment method with checkout and invoices customizable to your brand, flows, and needs.

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Versal Vault

Digital asset custody optimized for payments

Automate flows with rules and guardrails to scale the movement of digital assets while ensuring security and compliance.

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Versal Network

Send stablecoins for localized fiat off-ramping

Rather than wiring USD, send stablecoins and settle instantly with our network of global payout providers. Slash the time for local fiat to be delivered and the amount of locked capital.

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Versal Platform Scales with Your Business

At any stage of your blockchain payments journey, all of the Versal products in the Versal Platform work together and with your existing systems.

End-to-End Automations
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Using our policy engine to move digital assets boosts efficiency and reduces errors.

  • Custom workflows and rules
  • Compatible with third-party integrations
  • Multi-signer transaction approvals
  • Quarantine wallets
  • Automate transaction routing to liquidity and payout partners
Compliance Control
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Adhere to your specific global AML, CTF, and data privacy regulations.

  • Risk-based automations
  • Built-in Travel Rule
  • Internal CRM to track transaction parties
  • Supports third-party compliance tools
  • GDPR compliant
Limitless Customizations
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All the customizations without  having to build them from scratch.

  • 20+ blockchains
  • Any asset on supported chains
  • Change styles, colors, and logos
  • Global payout coverage
  • Aggregated liquidity providers
  • Custom automated workflows
Legacy System Compatible
Blockchain-native cloud

Gain a blockchain-native system that is fiat-aware.

  • REST-API — no blockchain engineers required
  • Custom transaction reporting for reconciliation
  • Network of on/off ramps
  • Parallel system for store, swap, and move
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Modern money movement should be executed with smart contracts or code to reduce errors.

Once the transaction is completed, senders and receivers can verify the transaction on-chain.

About Us

Digital Asset Payment Experts

The new blockchain economy requires its own infrastructure.

With our 75+ combined years of experience building enterprise-grade payments technology, Versal offers the full-stack required for mainstream adoption of digital asset payments. PayPal, OKCoin, and Ripple are just some of the companies are team hails from.

Supported Blockchains

Access all of our blockchains and their related digital asset types, wallets, and liquidity providers to build your digital assets payment system.

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